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Sarah Collins  |  @sarahcollinswellness |  Yoga Teacher & Movement Explorer

I’ve seriously been practicing on my “Philo” mat exclusively for my home practice and I am loving it 💓. Made from premium quality rubber and vegan suede, environmentally friendly and nontoxic the top is so soft with amazing grip (handstand approved). 🙌 I may never practice on another mat again (sorry to my manduka and lulu mats). 🙊 


Sandra Gon  |  @sandragon21  |  200 hr YT

As soon as I stepped on my Warrior Mat, I knew I had landed on something special. Judging on touch, I would have thought that the mat would be slippery, but it gives me just the right amount of grippiness that I need for a hard-core yoga sessions. And since I teach mostly hot yoga this mat performs even better in the hot room!


Liv Law  |  @yogi_liv  |   200 hr YT

I am so obsessed with this mat. I use the Oceanic design, and it honestly is so beautiful I want to keep it as a print for my wall! As an avid hot-yogi, I need something that will support my body when I’m sweaty in any pose, and I need to be confident that my towel and mat won’t be sliding around. My warrior mat is so perfect for this - the material makes the mat just like a mat and towel in one, meaning I can carry less equipment, be strong on my mat, and have the most stunning mat in the studio!


Jelena  |  @smilewitch  |  Yoga + Acro Yoga Aficionado

As someone who spends an enormous amount of time on a yoga mat, I can say that I‘m really impressed by Warrior Mats. Not only I get to enjoy and be inspired by beautiful designs of the local artists, but I also get to practice daily on a premium quality, super grippy - yet incredibly soft mat - that is great for anything from acroyoga to casually laying around on it in my living room.

With just the right balance between thickness and weight, while being very easy to clean, this mat quickly became my favorite piece of home to carry with me anywhere I go. It is also cat-proof, which means no more scratch marks all over my mat! I can’t recommend this mat highly enough!


Brian Carew  |  @carew_movement  |  Mindful Movement - 500Hr RYT


Kirstin Clark |  @coastal.yogi  |  RYT 200hr - 35hr Vinyasa Intensive

"I honestly am really loving this mat! There is also no chemical smells which is a huge up side for me."


Kinga Gorski |  @kingagorski  |  RYT 200hr |  Wellness Consultant

The moment I brought my Warrior Mat home, I immediately gave away my stack of yoga mat towels that were sitting in my drawer. I absolutely love the convenience of having a soft towel actually built-in to the mat itself! When it comes to practicing hot yoga, that's where the mat really shines as it has better grip with a bit of moisture on the surface. The fact that they're all environmentally and vegan friendly is amazing, not to mention Warrior Mats supports local Vancouver artists by having them create their mat designs. As a yoga instructor, I love using it when I teach my classes or even just lounging around outside - it is easily one of my favourite mats I've ever owned!


Verified Customer Review of Oceanic by Lindsey M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This mat is absolutely stunning and by far the best quality yoga mat I have ever stepped foot on! I highly recommend these yoga mats to everyone! Love love love my warrior yoga mat!!!!"


Verified Customer Review of Lagoon by Julie V. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I bought this mat because I was told it had a chance of helping me with my sliding downward dog. It did! The mat feels and looks great too."


Verified Customer Review of Tectonic by Emily O. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I just received my mat and It’s such a nice quality. It feels great under the feet and the mat feels heavy and sturdy - it will be great for the heat and outdoors.


Verified Customer Review of Lagoon by Jane B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This is just what I was looking for! Good grip that improves as you heat up. Lovely Zen Artistry. Only wish it was a bit thicker for the knees. Awesome service and it was here in a few days." 


Verified Customer Review of Om by Vanessa B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"The feel, softness, grip, padding, design, all incredible. Thank you!"



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